Head/Back Rest



IN: 13 X 3.75 X 25 /
MM: 330 X 95 X 635
head back rest
head back rest

About this product

Design: Wetstyle Design Lab

Keyword: Practical

Climb into the tub with a glass of wine, sit back, and relax with this head and back rest, from WETSTYLE.

Made from pvc, the HBR-25 is designed to most CUBE model tubs and ensure that you optimize your relaxation time.
This head and back rest sits along the back slope of the tub, giving you back support while you enjoy the warmth of the water. Four suction cups hold it firmly in place, creating a reliable support for you to enjoy during your next soak.

Indulge in comfort – only from WETSTYLE


  • Fits Cube bathtub models (except BC 12 and BC 14)

  • Suction cups on the back
  • Material: PVC

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