inches 24, 30, 36, 48 or 60 mm 657, 821, 973, 1278 or 1557

Design: Joël Dupras, Pierre Bélanger and WETSTYLE Design Lab

Keyword: Elegance

With its flowing lines and curved finishes, the Déco collection reinvents Art Déco style with a modern twist, bringing softness and simplicity to the bathroom. Smooth textures combined with the warmth of wood accents take relaxation to a new level, immersing you in a world of elegance in the bath.

Length: 24 in., 30 in., 36 in., 48 in. and 60 in.
Height: 34 in.
Depth: 22 in.

• Hand pull and legs in solid stainless steel
• Finished interior drawers
• Horseshoe drawers
• Slow closing ball bearing glides
• All natural wood veneer
• AWI rated level 5 marine grade finish for moisture resistance and durability (industry’s highest finishing class)
• The floor-mounted units must be secured to the wall

Combines with the WETSTYLE Deco Collection Lavatory (sold separately).

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