DG 6036

Shower Base


IN: 60 X 36 X 1.75 /
MM: 1524 X 914 X 44
DG636 shower base from the Glacier Collection by WETSTYLE
dg 6036

About this product

Design: Wetstyle Design Lab

Keyword: Discretion

DG 6036 is a stylish and luxurious shower from WETSTYLE’s Glacier Collection; an elegantly designed, CSA-approved and ADA-compliant shower receptor. This versatile fixture features a hidden drain along its rear side, creating a fixture that is stylish, modern, and sure to draw the eye with its sleek design.

Made from ecologically friendly WETMAR BiO composite material, this shower base features an integrated channel drain that blends seamlessly into the base and a low threshold design that allows this fixture to be recessed into the floor of your washroom. This product features non-slip properties, and is available in a True High Gloss or Matte white finish. With a range of installation options, this base can be installed along one, two, or three walls in an alcove.

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  • Handcrafted in Montreal, Canada

  • Hidden linear drain design
  • Zero-threshold design
  • ADA-compliant
  • No membrane or floor slope construction is needed
  • Made of WETMAR BiO, which is naturally slip-resistant

Available Finishes

WETMAR BiO finishes


White True High Gloss


White Matte

Available Configurations


DG604101 - No Tile Flange


DG604102 - Rear Drain - Back Wall


DG604104 - Rear Drain - Left and Back Walls


DG604105 - Rear Drain - Right and Back Walls


DG604106 - Rear Drain - Three Wall Alcove


DG604107 - Rear Drain - Left Wall


DG604108 - Rear Drain - Right Wall

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Technical Details



IMPORTANT – SHOWER INSTALLATION SUPPLIES: A 1/4” tile flange will be supplied to comply with the requested position. Installed at the factory to prevent water leakage, this must be placed directly on the partition framing prior to the installation of drywall. For installation, it is important to level the shower receptor in order to ensure maximum drainage.

DRAIN: No additional drain required

Accesories and Suggested Complements

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