DFL 6032E

Shower base


IN: 60 X 32 X 1.25 /
MM: 1524 X 813 X 32
  • ada-compliant

About this product

Design: WETSTYLE Design Lab

Keyword: Sensation

The DFL6032E is an elegant, subtly designed shower base that fits well in any bathroom. Part of WETSTYLE’s Feel collection, this fixture is hand made by a team or artisan craftspeople and features a luxurious white or grey concrete finish and an antibacterial treatment that prevents corrosion of the material.

This base can be custom cut in factory or at the jobsite to fit unique spaces and dimensions, and features an end drain and a unique, non-slip underfoot texture that maximizes relaxation. With an elegant design that prioritizes functionality and style, the DFL6032E is the perfect addition to any renovation project.

Discover WETSTYLE’s shower bases today, and Feel the relaxation washing over you.

* Available October 2019


  • Made of high density composite material

  • Drain cover supplied in matching texture and color
  • Anti-slip: the texture provides high anti-slip properties to the shower base
  • Easy maintenance: antibacterial treatment certified by ISO-NPG-H (high avoidance of hydrolysis) prevents corrosion of the material
  • Mass coloration; the material bears the same color throughout
  • Installation: above floor or recessed (flush with floor)
  • Cut-to-size: can be cut to fit odd-size bathrooms or to, for example, to fit around a corner beam
  • One piece for reduced risk of water leaks: no seams, no joints, no grout
  • No floor waterproof membrane, no hot mopping, no slope construction required
  • Deck wide enough to support glass walls or rolling/swinging doors

Available Finishes



Concrete White


Concrete Grey

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Technical Details



Included in each box: 1) Tile flanges – to be installed on site (refer to installation guide for more information), 2) Drain cover in matching color and texture
Not included: Drain; any regular shower drain for 3¼ inches opening will fit
Optional cuts: For an additional charge, simple straight cuts can be done at the factory. Custom cuts (angles, corners, etc.) must be done on site by installer. For factory-made cuts, you must fill out and submit “Optional cut order form” with your order

Accesories and Suggested Complements

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