BC 03

BC 03 The Cube Collection

inches 72 x 31 x 24 mm 1828.8 x 787.4 x 609.6

From the CUBE collection, this bathtub model displays 3 finished sides. Offering the identical interior length of our BC 02 model, its outer dimensions are more compact. As spacious as it is luxurious, 2 users can completely submerge their bodies when bathing and each have their own backrest for ultimate comfort. Manufactured with WETMAR BiO™, an ultra-resistant composite material, this model comes in a True High Gloss™ or matte white finish.

  • Bathtub designed to adjoin one, two or three walls
  • Accessory included: Wenge-coloured bathtub caddy
  • Wall-mounted or bathtub edge plumbing installation recommended
  • Built-in overflow & Soft Toe Touch Drain in Polished chrome or Brushed nickel finish


BC03 - 72" Soaking Bathtub – CUBE Collection

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