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Design: Joël Dupras, Pierre Belanger and WETSTYLE Design Lab
Key word: Elegance

With its flowing lines and curved finishes, the Déco collection reinvents Art Deco style with a modern twist, bringing softness and simplicity to the bathroom. Smooth textures combined with the warmth of wood accents take relaxation to a new level, immersing you in a world of elegance in the bath.

The collection offers multiple options to suit every taste and style. For a modern, urban feel, Mozambique wood can be paired with white matte lacquer and a black metal frame. For a play on classic design, set the stage with two storage units in natural walnut, creating a master class in architectural simplicity. Torrified eucalyptus punctuated by satin brass creates a chic, exclusive look that complements both contemporary and classic decors.

Déco comes in various sizes and in single or double-basin versions, making it suitable for any room. One final flourish – the interior of the drawers is made from the same wood as the exterior, sparing no attention to detail. Free-standing cabinets come equipped with an inner pull-out drawer.