New Products / Frame Collection


Design: Joël Dupras and WETSTYLE Design Lab
Keyword: versatility

Like a Shoji screen, the FRAME collection takes its inspiration from traditional Japanese architectural principals combining maximum utility with simple and elegant forms. All elements, seen and unseen, have a distinct purpose and function aimed at providing a sense of convenience and delight. A capacity for transformation contributes to the distinction and ingenuity of this collection.

Using a unique combination of mixed eco-friendly materials in bathroom storage design, WETSTYLE brings together powder-coated Canadian aluminum accompanied by accents of natural walnut or oak and colored lacquered glass. The collection features premium options in LED lighting, mirror defogger and discreetly flush-mounted electrical outlets.

At any time and for little expense, the structure may be re-attired in any number of new finish options. The FRAME Collection, created by WETSTYLE in collaboration with award-winning designer Joël Dupras, has been designed so that one may easily remove and replace all side and facade panels, providing an affordable bathroom retrofit option down the road. WETSTYLE’s integrated counter top and rear-drain wash basins nestle into the FRAME vanity to complete a harmonious modern or transitional look.