NEW / Furniture / Déco Collection


Design: Joël Dupras, Pierre Belanger and WETSTYLE Design Lab
Key word: Elegance

With its flowing lines and curved finishes, the Déco collection reinvents Art Deco style with a modern twist, bringing softness and simplicity to the bathroom. Smooth textures combined with the warmth of wood accents take relaxation to a new level, immersing you in a world of elegance in the bath.

The collection offers multiple options to suit every taste and style. For a modern, urban feel, Mozambique wood can be paired with white matte lacquer and a black metal frame. For a play on classic design, set the stage with two storage units in natural walnut, creating a master class in architectural simplicity. Torrified eucalyptus punctuated by satin brass creates a chic, exclusive look that complements both contemporary and classic decors.

Déco offers many other combinations with a range of finishes, including brushed stainless steel, satin brass or matte black for legs and handles, premium quality oak, walnut, torrified eucalyptus and Mozambique wood as well as several different shades of lacquer. The collection is available in three versions: wall or floor-mounted and free-standing vanities cabinets.