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Exclusive tone-on-tone motifs break the gleaming bathtub surface, indulging the gaze like a whisper caresses the ear, drawing only on the contrast of a matte finish applied flat against the True High Gloss™ finish of these streamlined bathtubs.

IMAGE-IN is a collection of four motifs that are both commanding and understated. They redefine the bathtub, making it the foundation of the room by reuniting us with the terrestrial origins of humanity: EARTH — the evocation of our wanderings in the dried clay beneath our feet; WATER — the wave, current, movement, graceful and fluid line of the ocean; FLORAL — the astonishing creativity of nature; and CALLIGRAPHY — expressive, delicate arabesques, the demonstration of an age-old knowledge.

Creative minds tempted to let their imaginations flow to design an original motif, distinct signature or personal imprint may submit their inspiration to WETSTYLE for reproduction. Romantic, classic, eccentric, rational – anything goes when discreetly applied.