All WETSTYLE bathtubs, lavatories and shower receptors are made of WETMAR BiO™. An industry first, WETMAR BiO™ is an eco-friendly thermo-insulating material made primarily from a mix of Mother Earth’s natural ingredients – soy and mineral stone.

WETSTYLE has pioneered a proprietary and code-compliant recipe that uses soy and vegetable extracts to replace the petrochemical-based resins in heavy use by the industry. In the spirit of Pure Design and Pure Craftsmanship, WETSTYLE is proud to offer the industry’s purest and most environmentally friendly material.

WETMAR BiO™’s durability, as demonstrated by its performance in high-traffic locations including some of the world’s premier hotels, keeps replacement costs and related energy expenditures to a minimum. Non-porous and more durable than acrylic, WETMAR BiO™ is slip resistant and exceptionally strong.

WETMAR BiO™ is available in a True High Gloss™ or Matte White finishes.

Winner of the prestigious 2015 Green GOOD DESIGN Award for sustainable design, as
Awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

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